For Patients
SNIP Clinical Research

Through patient support of, and participation in, SNIP clinical research, we are rapidly advancing our understanding of neurological diseases such as arteriovenous malformations and brain tumors. As a patient, you may be asked to join in SNIP research. This participation is entirely voluntary and will not have any impact on your quality of care. SNIP researchers and clinicians will explain the research to you, as well as your rights as a human research subject, including the requirement that the collected data will be entirely confidential, and then have you sign a ‘Human Subjects Consent Form’. Depending on the research project, you will be asked to donate blood or urine, or if surgery is required, even a sample of tissue. All of SNIP clinical research is carried out within the Stanford Human Subjects Research Guidelines.

Support and Information

The following support groups and organizations can help patients and their families and friends manage and cope with neurological disorders and diseases.